Jhumar Lights & Chattar

It just looks awesome when a barat enters with band and chattars to accompany the whole scene. We offer beautifully decorate chattars and enhance the overall experience of the barat. The whole concept is planned and showed to you by our designers prior o your wedding ceremony and nothing is left for last minute resort. We offer crystal decorated and motorised chattars as well. AND We provide special lighting arrangements for all Marriage occasions and Religious programs. We carry the largest selection of exceptionally elegant lighting, such as our exclusive Trolly with Lights, Umbrella Lights, Portable Chandeliers (Jhumar) and the traditional Fancy Lamps, all powered by a diesel generator.

Lighting is an essential element of any ceremony, big or small. We offer a hand picked selection of lighting suitable for all kind of weddings. Traditionally, in an Indian wedding the Baraat is headed by a display of fireworks, an exuberant display of lighting along with the horse carriage and accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol. We have generous experience in organizing top quality lighting arrangements for the weddings that not only lights up the occasion but also the faces of the guests, friends and family. Be sure to also check out our other most popular services to make your wedding unique.